Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Bruins to play at Fenway Park?
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"Yes, there will be a sheet of ice in Fenway Park for a Jan. 1 Winter Classic. It's a done deal, Bruins vs. either the Capitals or Flyers. The league will make it official at the start of July, with a splashy media event in the old ballpark. NHL free agency begins July 1, which grabs headlines around league cities (except for Phoenix, of course) for 2-3 days. The Sox play at home July 3-12. If the league wants the day for full media attention, it likely will wait for July 13-14 to make official all details, including how to purchase tickets."


Holy shit! If things in Boston could get any better, I'm pretty sure the city would explode. This will be one of the biggest sporting events to hit Boston since the 2004 World Series. Think about it, you're playing hockey with one of the best teams in the NHL in one of the most historic ballparks in the MLB.

I think this ranks above the Red Wings/Blackhawks playing at Wrigley Field, but then again, I'm a Bruins fan, so I should.

Well, lets see if they announce it in July.

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