Friday, September 25, 2009
Know Your Bruin - Jeffrey LoVecchio
Yesterday we did “Know Your Bruin” on Brad Marchand and today we’re keeping up with the forwards as we look at Jeffrey LoVecchio


Jeffrey LoVecchio

D.O.B: 8/26/1985 (24)
Position: LeftWing
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 159lbs
Number: 57
How he came to Boston: Acquired in 2008 as a free agent
Playing Experience with Boston: None at this time; Played in 20 games for the Providence Bruins (14 regular season, 6 post season)

Quick Biography: LoVecchio signed with the Bruins on March 18, 2008. LoVecchio played in 20 total games for the Providence Bruins in the 2007-2008 season. In 14 regular season games (2007-2008 season) for the Providence Bruins, LoVecchio posted 3 goals and 2 assists (5 points). In the 2007-2008 postseason, LoVecchio played 6 games, posting 0 goals and 1 assist (1 point).

While getting ready for the Bruins rookie camp this season, LoVecchio was working at out a rink in Chesterfield, MO when he hit a rut in the ice and crashed into the boards, leaving him unconscious and with a concussion.

LoVecchio battled through post-concussion syndrome and has played well so far in the pre-season for the Bruins. writes under talent analysis:

"LoVecchio is a two-way forward with size. As good as he is offensively, he is equally, if not better, defensively. LoVecchio was one of the Broncos top penalty killers and saw significant time on the power play as well. He is an excellent skater, combining speed with power in his strides. He possesses good acceleration and transitions quite well. LoVecchio utilizes his size, speed and long reach very well. He can often be found helping out his defensemen in defensive zone plays and in turnover situations. LoVecchio is also an outstanding shot blocker."

Projected Roster: Providence Bruins roster
Projected Slot: Second/third line winger for the P-Bruins

Here are some videos:

Jeff Lovecchio fights Sergei Kostitsyn (preseason)

Jeffrey LoVecchio hits Mathieu Darche
Know Your Bruin - Brad Marchand
I like to think of myself as a man of the people, giving them what they want when they want it (that’s what she said). I came up with “Know Your Bruin” on the guise that guys like Marc Savard, Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic are well known, established players on the Boston Bruins roster, but guys like Boychuk, Hamill (coming soon!) and Sobotka will fight for an early roster spot/random call-ups during the season.

Since I promised the people a relatively unknown player everyday, today we focus in on Brad Marchand.


Brad Marchand

D.O.B: 5/11/1988 (21)
Position: Right Wing
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 183lbs
Number: 63
How he came to Boston: Drafted by the Bruins in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft (71 overall)
Playing Experience with Boston: None for the Bruins; Played 95 games in Providence last year (regular season and post season).

Quick Biography: Brad Marchand was drafted by the Boston Bruins in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft as the 71st overall selection. There is not much to know about this young right winger, but if you look at his stats from the 2008-2009 AHL season it does show some promise.

Last season playing for the Providence Bruins, Marchand had 14 goals and 41 assists (59 points) in 79 games. In the playoffs for the P-Bruins, Marchand had 7 goals and 8 assists (15 points) in 16 games. writes under talent analysis:

“Marchand is a little spitfire who doesn't know the meaning of the word quit. An agitator in the corners, he likes to get his nose dirty and battles for the puck. He has some solid moves in the offensive zone, but occasionally gets himself into trouble by trying to get too fancy when a safe and simple play would do. A quick skater, he'll have to continue to overcome his slight stature for the rest of his career.”

Projected Roster: Providence Bruins roster.
Projected Slot: Second line wing for the P-Bruins.

A couple of videos:

Tommy Maxwell vs. Brad Marchand 2/15/2009

Nike presents: Summer Shift w/ Brad Marchand
Know Your Bruin - Vladimir Sobotka
Welcome to the second day of "Know Your Bruin". Yesterday we talked about Johnny Boychuk and can be found here. Today we’re going to take a look at Vladimir Sobotka.


Vladimir Sobotka

D.O.B: 7/2/1987 (22)
Position: Center
Height: 5”11”
Weight: 194lbs
Number: 60
How he came to Boston: Drafted by the Bruins in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft (106 overall)
Playing Experience with Boston: 2007-2008 season played 48 games for the Bruins; 2008-2009 season played 25 games for the Bruins

Quick Biography: Sobotka was drafted 106th overall in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins. From 2003 to the end of the 2006-2007 season, Sobotka played for HC Slavia Praha of the Czech Extraliga. In 85 total games for HC Slavia Praha, Sobotka totaled 8 goals and 16 assists for a meager 24 points.

In 2007-2008, Sobotka made his Providence Bruins debut and also his Boston Bruins debut. For the P-Bruins, Sobotka played in 18 and posted great numbers, netting 10 goals and 10 assists (20 points). Conversely he played 48 games for the Bruins where he netted 1 goal and 6 helpers (7 points).

The 2008-2009 season was radically different for Sobotka, which unlike last season, saw him play the majority of his games in the AHL. For the P-Bruins, Sobotka played in 44 games, netting 20 goals and 24 assists (44 points). He played 25 games with the Bruins in 2008-2009 and netted 1 goal and 4 assists (5 points)

According to, Sobotka will be a restricted free agent in the 2010-2011 season.

Projected Roster: Providence Bruins roster
Projected Slot: Second line center for the P-Bruins

Here are a couple of videos:

Sobotka lays out Jordan Staal:

Sobotka's First NHL Goal:

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Know Your Bruin - Johnny Boychuk
With the season 1 week away we here at Something's Bruin are looking at the casual fan and hoping they are ready to follow the black and gold bandwagon through the ups and downs (but more than likely, you bandwagoners wont be here for the downs) of the regular season.

More than likely, these bandwagon followers haven't been paying much attention to the Bruins off season because they have been wearing their pink baseball hats, J.D. Drew baseball t-shirt or thier obligatory Tom Brady t-shirt. For all of you who haven't been paying attention to the Bruins, we came up with a segment called:


Every day until the season begins, we will take a player who is relatively unknown in the eyes of "Mr. Casual Fan" and give you a little background about him, where we think he'll end up on the roster and some more other tidbits.

So let's get at it shall we?

Johnny Boychuk

D.O.B: 1/19/1984 (25)
Position: Defense
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225lbs
Number: 55
How he came to Boston: Traded from Colorado Avalanche for Matt Hendricks.
Playing Experience with Boston: Played 1st (and only) game for the Bruins on 12/4/2008 vs. Tampa Bay.

Quick Biography: Boychuk was drafted 61st by the Colorado Avalanche in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. Boychuk played in the Avalanche organization for four years and spent most of his time in the AHL. Boychuk made his NHL debut against the New York Islanders on January 5, 2008 for the Avs, playing the wing position.

In the off season leading up to the 2008-2009 season, Boychuk was traded to the Boston Bruins for C Matt Hendricks. Boychuk was assigned to play for the Providence Bruins where he shined on defense, acquiring the Eddie Shore Award (which is an award presented to the AHL's best defenseman). Boychuk made his first and only appearance in a Bruins sweater on December 4, 2008 against the Tampa Bay Lightning, a game Boston won 3-1.

During the off season, Boychuk signed a 1-way deal with the Bruins.

Projected Roster: Boston Bruins NHL roster
Projected Slot: 6th defenseman, paired with Mark Stuart

Here are a couple of videos:

Boychuk vs Mike Moore 5/8/09 - AHL Playoffs

Boychuk vs. Aaron Rome 2/18/08

I hope you enjoyed the first segment of KNOW YOUR BRUIN. Tomorrow we'll look at Vladimir Sobotka.
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Everyone Loves Lists
Did you wake up this morning and wonder what to do with the 8 days remaining before the Bruins kick-off the regular season? Well, I have formulated a top 10 list of things to do before the NHL season begins that will surely either:

A) Knock your socks off
B) Is the "Bee's Knees"
C) Both A and B

So ladies, gentlemen and trans-gender groups, this is:

Pezell's Top 10 Things To Do Before The NHL Season Starts

10. Play NHL10
Obviously if you miss hockey, the best thing to do is play the real thing. However, if you're like me and born with a football players body who can barely walk a straight line without swaying one way, you're better off playing NHL10.

If you played NHL 09 on the XBOX360 or the PS3, you won't notice many difference outside of the new board play and changes to the passing dynamics. If you haven't played NHL 09, this will blow your mind as one of the best hockey games out there.

09. Watch The History Of The Boston Bruins
I think I've watched this about 40 times or so this off season. It's a fantastic journey through the history of an Original Six franchise and should be viewed, at least once, by every Bruins fan (hardcore or casual).

08. Watch (and learn) Football
I'll be the first to admit that once June rolls around, I forget about baseball. Yes, in Red Sox Nation, I openly admit that I stop watching baseball once June rolls around, I stop watching "America's Past Time". I am, however, a HUGE football fan (both college and the NFL).

I know many ladies out there (wife included) that hate football, but I think it's time for you girls to step it up and learn the game of football, which will make it a lot more enjoyable. If you do this you will successfully occupy your Saturday (college), Sunday (NFL) and Monday (NFL) night with pigskin and thus forget that the Bruins are a mere 8 days away!

07. Go To Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine To Watch The Leaves Turn Colors
Seriously, take a trip into upper New England to see the leaves turn different colors. There is nothing more majestic than walking through the woods on a quiet New England Saturday/Sunday and listening to the wind whip between the multicolored leaves. Oh, and if you go to Vermont, bring me some maple syrup please.

06. Tweet!
Tweet on Twitter about your Cousin Tony the twit who takes his toys when he has a tantrum.

Or don't. Or Follow Us.


05. Go Camping
Grab your buddies and/or significant other, a large quantity of alcohol and food, a tent and a sleeping bag and head to the woods to go camping!

I've been camping ever since I was a baby-Pezell and I absolutely love it. There is no better way to waste a weekend than outdoors, hanging out, going fishing, go canoeing or just grilling and drinking some beers (if of legal age, of course).

04. Watch Some Good 'Ole TV
It's the fall season so there are many good shows that have once again started new episodes. Shows such as:

- The Office
- Fringe
- Sons Of Anarchy
- It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- Hell's Kitchen
- CSI (the original...not YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)
- House
- Community
- Heroes
- How I met Your Mother

This isn't even considering you people with HBO and Showtime.

03. Floss
Be honest America, you never do it.

02. Play Fantasy Football
Need an addiction that won't rot your teeth/brain/body and/or send you to jail? Fantasy football is that addiction. If you're a novice, join a free league and learn the ropes. If you've done it for a few years, start your own league with some friends or online forum.

Not only will fantasy football engross you with my #8 suggestion, but you'll eat up chunks of time playing the waiver wire, looking for "sleeper" picks and WASTING YOUR #2 PICK ON TOM FUCKING BRADY...

sorry for that.

01. Suck It Up Cupcake
Seriously, suck it up, it's only 8 days!

Again, your list may be different and probably will be different. Hope you enjoyed it.

8 more days, GO BRUINS!
Friday, September 18, 2009
Peace out Kess

BCJM's Thoughts: According to a twitter by Darren Dreger of TSN, Phil Kessel has been traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a first and second round pick in 2010 and a first round pick in 2011. Dreger also reports that the Leafs have signed the former 5th overall pick to a five year, 27 million dollar deal. The deal is not official as of yet seeing as it still needs to be approved by the league.

I'm just glad this is all over. I would have liked to have seen a prospect headed our way too but you really can't complain about getting two firsts and a second for a guy who, in my opinion, is over rated. I'm not saying Kessel can't score but, without Savvy feeding him, I just don't see him putting up the points he did this past season.


Pezell's Thoughts: I would like to thank my manager, Arista records, my mom and dad, step-father, the rest of the crew at Something's Bruin...oh, I thought I was winning an award because I'm so god damn happy.

Look, I'm not going to pitter-patter around this, I am pretty glad that Kessel is gone. Don't get me wrong, Kessel is a good player who was able to put the puck in the back of the net 36 times, for one season.

Knowing the various hockey communities I frequent, people will be up in arms about "what happens to the 26 goals we now lost"? I say to them:

What about them?

In 2007-2008, Marco Sturm had 27 goals in 80 games. So what happens to the 9 goals that are missing? Sure, Sturm may not put up 27 goals, but Kessel may not put up 36. Did you forget a man by the name of Marc Savard? Savard, I believe, is the best set-up man in hockey, could probably account for 5-10 goals for Kessel. So your 36 could look like 31-26 goals.

Add in the fact you have a 1st and 2nd rounder in 2010, which may be a pretty good damn pick position wise and another 1st round pick in 2011; my question to you is:

What about it now?

Good trade for the Bruins (and we're not even talking about the 5 year $27M contract given to Kessel by Toronto...)
Thursday, September 17, 2009
Bruins Showcase Winter Classic Jerseys
Well, the Bruins have announced the jersey that was leaked a week or so ago. Here they are:

Thornton looks so happy to look like Big Bird's bastard cousin

Unfortunately folks, this isn't a joke. The Bruins have officially announced this abomination as their Winter Classic jersey. Yes, this yellow-shit color will be worn on January 1st, when teams showcase some fine-ass jerseys.

2009 Winter Classic - Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago and Detroit showing off their fine Winter Classic uniforms

Both of these jerseys are slick and show some history to the earlier days of each team.

2008 Winter Classic - Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Buffalo Sabres

Ryan Miller and Rutuu sporting fine Winter Classic threads

The 2008 and 2009 Winter Classic set of jerseys were spectacular and something most fans wanted to see from the respective teams playing.

What's going to happen this year? We already know from the picture above with Krecji that the Bruins will use a golden yellow with a spoked B drawn by Jeremy Jacobs' grandson.

There are plently of jerseys that could've been used in place of this hideous beast.

This jersey is my personal favorite:

This jersey, and actually the uniform set, goes back to the roots of the Boston Bruins as they were worn from 1926-1931. This is also the jersey worn when Boston won their first Stanley Cup.

This jersey from 1934-1936 would've been perfect as well.

I still don't get why they used this digusting yellow abortion of a jersey, but alas this is what we will all be seeing.

Happy New Year my ass!
Monday, September 14, 2009
Possible Winter Classic Jersey Leak?
First and foremost, credit here goes to The Boston Sports Network for this sensational find! It seems that the Winter classic jerseys have been leaked from one Tim Thomas.

Take what you will away from this.

Here is the picture of a Bruins jersey in Thomas' bag

My honest opinion is that it's a pretty sharp looking jersey, however the Bruins could have used much better ones that this.

Again, check out The Boston Sports Network for more!
Kessel Flow Chart
Do you wake up in the morning and don't know who you are at times? Wondering if you're a douche named Phil Kessel?

If so, the team here at Something's Bruin put together a flow chart that should help you through the day!

Thursday, September 10, 2009
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...
This is me...if I was a small child with brown eyes and brown hair

You know what, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year. Yeah, that's right, piss off Christmas because when the air starts to get a little cooler and the leaves start to get a little more reddish/orange you know one thing is in the air...


(For those who don't get reddish/orange leaves or cooler air, this still applies to you, however it is clear that your environment sucks).

The Bruins start training camp in two days and we are 21 days away until Alexander "Up With Communism" Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals come storming into the TDBank (America's Most Trusted Bank - Thanks Reeg!) to tackle the Bruins.

I know many of you are excited for hockey to start and I can't blame you. Yeah, football is good, but there is something about the sound of skate cutting through ice that makes life so much better.

So what do I expect from the Bruins this season?

Well the team has certainly gotten better with the additions of Derek Morris, Steve Begin and Rask coming up to back up Thomas.


Kessel's a douche.

"Phil Kessel has made it clear that he doesn't intend to negotiate any longer with the Bruins, his Toronto-based agent in recent days informing the Boston front office that the right winger's priority instead is to sign a free-agent offer sheet with one of the league's 29 other teams." - Kevin Dupont,

Anywho, just a little reminder as to why this is the greatest time of the year. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the Bruins in training camp.
Sunday, September 6, 2009
1st, 2nd and 3rd for Kessel?

In a move that can only be described as interesting , the Toronto Maple Leafs traded their 2nd and 3rd round picks in the 2011 entry draft for Chicago's (originally held by the Make me laughs) 2nd round pick in 2010.

You may be saying to yourself at this point, what does this have to do with the Bruins? Well quite a bit actually. It is no secret that current Bruins hold out, Phil Kessel has been involved with a few trade rumours between the Bruins and the Leafs. With this latest move by Burke in Toronto, the speculation is that Burke will make an offer sheet to Kessel that the Bruins probably won't be able to match due to the B's current salary cap situation.

Now there are some out there who may think of this situation as doom and gloom but to me, this could end up great for the Bruins. If the offer sheet is high enough, which the Leafs may have to do in order for the Bruins not to match the Leafs deal, the Bruins could end up with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick in the 2010 entry draft as compensation for Kessel because he is an RFA.

Kessel is an explosive player but, knowing what we all know now, is he really the guy everyone thought he would be? Until this past season, Kess has been a second line guy at best and watching him all last season, it seemed he only had one move; take it outside the defender and try to blow by him with speed and that worked for him...... Until after the All Star break. After that the Thrills scoring touch seemed to disappear at times as the other teams around the league took notice that Phil almost seemed afraid to cut inside a defender.

With Marco Sturm coming back and the possibility that he could return to his form from 07/08, we really wouldn't lose any scoring without Kessel on the team. Now granted Sturm returning to form is a big if but it's not like Sturm came out of no where and scored 30. Personally I'd rather have those picks that Toronto would have to send our way instead of overpaying Kessel because he finally decided to start playing up to his potential in his contract year.

Edit: According to Darren Dreger's Twitter page, Peter Chiarelli has told the Leafs that the Bruins are going to match any offer they make. So much for getting a 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounder for a guy who should have probably been taken a lot later in the first round the year he was drafted. :(
To My Readers:
First and foremost I want to assure you guys that Something's Bruin is not dead, in fact, its far from it. Currently I am enduring a family situation that can only be described as bleak.

I won't go into details, but until the family matter is at hand Something's Bruin will be suspending operations (unless my other authors actually do something).

Please bear with me while I endure this sudden tragedy. We will be back since this blog is my life-blood and I only want to see it succeed.

We'll be back...until then LETS GO B'S

- Pezell
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