Saturday, May 23, 2009
Concussed Lies?

Here at Something's Bruin, we are committed to giving you the most in-depth and realistic look at the Boston Bruins. Due to the offseason being upon us sooner than expected, the Something's Bruin crew took it upon ourselves to go on a little research project.

Everyone knows about center Patrice Bergeron. During his rookie year, he posted 16 goals and 23 assists (39 poins) and in his sophomore year, kicked it up a notch putting 31 goals in the net and 42 helpers for 73 points.

Two seasons later, Patrice was hit by Flyers defenseman Randy Jones which caused a pretty nasty concussion. Bergeron only played 10 games in the 07-08 season and was pretty invisible while "healing" from the injury.

This previous season, Patrice once again suffered a concussion when he collided with Carolina's Dennis Seidenberg. "Bergy" was out for 18 games due to this current "concussion".

Something's Bruin has recently uncovered that Patrice did not suffer a concussion at all, but was actually on an acting leave from the team. You heard it here first:

Patrice Bergeron is an actor!

We have proof!

Take a look.

It is evident that Bergeron (left) is the man in the video.

Could it be that this is merely a situation of mistaken identity? It is very possible, but you can hardly look at the evidence and think otherwise.

Enjoy your $5.25 million Mr. Bergeron, but more importantly, enjoy your tasty double stack from Wendys.

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