Monday, June 22, 2009
Boston Bruins Uniform Project
The Bruins current home jersey

I want to make this known to everyone right now, before you ask the question. Yes, I am ripping off my friend Cole who is doing some impressive things with The Other 6 Seconds.

We kind of got into the NHL blogging world together. I started Something's Bruin which pushed him to start The Other 6 Seconds, a fan blog dedicated to the Dallas Stars. Cole is very passionate about the Stars, as I am with the Bruins, and he is under-going a uniform project that will show the world from the beginnings in Minnesota all the way to the current sweaters worn by Dallas. I've read Cole's first two entries of the project, the Introduction to the Project and Uniforms of the 1960s.

His project sparked a passion within me to do a Boston Bruins uniform project. I'd like to start this off by saying one thing: I'm a jersey FANATIC. I own 10 NFL jerseys, 4 Boston Red Sox jerseys, 3 Boston Celtics jerseys and 3 NHL jerseys (a customized Boston Bruins current home jersey and a 1972 Phil Esposito dark jersey). I don't know why, but I love to wear jerseys and those who know me know that I have many of them.

So why do a Boston Bruins uniform project? There are a few reason actually:

1. I've never seen a complete Boston Bruins uniform project on the web.

- I've viewed countless Bruins pages that have the history of the Bruins. I've also viewed countless pages that have each jersey throughout history, however I have never come across a page yet that has both in tandem. I plan on bringing that to the fans.

2. The Bruins are worth it.

- The Bruins are an original six team. They deserve to have their jerseys shown throughout history. Not only can we see the epic uniforms (like the 1972 jerseys) but also the failures (Winnie The Pooh alternate jersey) and everything in between.

My plan is that this project will take up a lot of my blogging time, which will make the slackers who are listed underneath me on the right side do some work. I hope everyone who reads this is interested and sticks around through the updates. It should (and probably will) be finished by the time August/September rolls around, depending on how much work (yeah, real life work, sucks I know) has to be done in this crazy life of mine.

I'm hoping for the 1920's to be up in the next couple of days.
Blogger Cole Jones said...
i can't wait to see it, sir...

on a side note, the bruins need to bring back brown. it's the greatest color of all time.

Blogger Adam said... has recently updated their site with larger pictures and you can search by team now, with more blurbs about history.

If it might help you as well, i have a couple Bruins books that might have some info about the uniforms and the history together.

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