Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Bruins To Host Flyers At Winter Classic
Yes, there WILL be hockey at Fenway Park.
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Well, it appears that the Bruins will be hosting the Flyers during the Winter Classic. For those of you out of the loop, the Winter Classic is played on New Year's Day and last year pitted the Chicago Blackhawks against the Detroit Red Wings.

TSN is reporting that the Bruins and Flyers will face off this year at Fenway Park.

"The NHL's third Winter Classic will be played between the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins at Fenway Park on January 1, 2010.

It is being reported by the Trentonian that the league was trying to push for a Washington/Boston matchup at Fenway in order to feature two-time Hart Trophy winner Alex Ovechkin. However, NBC, who will broadcast the game, wanted the Flyers so as to draw a better television audience."


Honestly, I would've liked to see either the Washington Capitals or Montreal Canadiens coming into Fenway Park. Montreal needs no reasoning and I feel that over the past season Boston and Washington has played each other very well, often to some very, very close games.

This will be exciting though for sure because it Fenway Park no less.
I would have liked to see Montreal, but I believe they already had a winter classic (sort of) back in 2003 vs Edmonton even though it was only pre season.

I would not have wanted the Capitals simply because there is no sort of rivalry between the teams & if Washington came to Fenway this is just another chance to advertise Ovechkin rather than the Bruins vs Caps. Plus there'd probably be more Ovechkin fans there than Bruins. just saying :P

Flyers I think is a good choice on NBC's part, and it will make for great hockey!

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