Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Chiarelli gets extension
Chiarelli should be all smiles after a nice 4 year extension!

So I know this is a day late and I apologize. My child was home with the flu yesterday, so I was out of work and by habit away from the computer. More importantly, Ghostbusters: The Video Game was also released, so while she was sleeping or watching TV in my bed, I was plopped in front of the TV foaming at the mouth and re-living my childhood.

But I mean, who doesn't want to shoot the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man off the side of a building in New York? I know I do!

I did that! I did that, that's my fault!!

Ok, on to the real matter at hand here:

Exhale Bruins fans! Our leader, Peter Chiarelli, is staying in Boston for another 4 years! It seems that Jeremy Jacobs is finally coming around the be the type of owner that he should've been before a salary cap was instilled.

Chiarelli has done nothing but build this team successfully through the draft and free agency, bringing in top notch players like Zdeno Chara and Marc Savard. Honestly, I think the only thing Chiarelli did wrong was sign Hitler's look-alike in Dave Lewis.


Peter Chiarelli, named NHL Executive of the Year by Sporting News, signed a multiyear extension. Chiarelli would have entered the fourth and final season of his contract in the upcoming season.

I'm glad they are sticking with this guy. He's a smart GM who knows how he wants to build this team. Along with Julien, I don't see how Boston can't compete in the future.

I guess we'll see what happens come July 1st!

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