Thursday, June 4, 2009
The Day David Slayed Goliath
The wave that captured our hearts

News from the Bruins has been pretty slow lately. Yes David Krejci was re-signed a day or two ago, but outside of that, what has really been going on? Your answer should be: not much Sir, not much.

June 30 is the last day that the Bruins can negotiate with their RFAs (Kessel, Hunwick, Bitz and Kevin Reagen and then the free agency boom occurs on July 1. So what are we going to do until then? Well, we've touched on the Vezina trophy, looked at the Bruins first round draft pick and talked about Mr. Krejci staying in Boston. This time, I want to take you back to January 5, 2002.

The Bruins marched out onto the ice at the Fleetcenter with Winny the Pooh smiling brightly on every yellow colored sweater. Those in attendance, which includes my inebriated friends and I, figured that this was going to be just another Saturday game in which the Bruins would somehow find a way to lose.

What we were given, however, was one of the greatest fights in NHL history. During the 2nd period in a game that wasn't very exciting, a 5'10", 170 lbs Bruins fourth line center would end up squaring off against a 6'3" 230 lbs monster. What ensued was a flurry of punches that would make Muhammad Ali cringe.

Every PJ Stock punch that landed brought the Bruins faithful's cheers to a higher decibel until there was a sound of "sonic-boom" level proportions.

Sure, there will always be those that can throw a punch that will split your face in half (see: Milan Lucic), but there will never be another fighter like PJ Stock.

Wherever you are PJ, with your eye probably hanging out of its socket and barely able to formulate sentences because of the immense beatings you've taken, the Bruins fans out there have not, and never will, forget about you.

January 5, 2002 was truly when David slayed Goliath.
Blogger BCJM76 said...
PJ is a commentator for Hockey Night in Canada now. I fucking love seeing that guy doing his "reports" because he so isn't a broadcast type. lol

Blogger Patrick said...
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Blogger Patrick said...
That was easily the best fight I've ever seen with a Bruin's player in my lifetime.

My favorite PJ Video:

- TheBear

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