Friday, June 12, 2009
Happy Birthday To Me?
Back off man, I'm a scientist....

Yesterday I have added another mark towards my goal of hitting 30. To be honest, I don't care that I'm only a few more years from the big 3-0 because I don't see myself changing much despite the different roles I've taken on in my life.

Well, I was sitting at home (because my work gives your birthday off as a holiday) watching Ghostbusters II on DVD and wondering what time the Stanley Cup Finals started. To my surprise, the game is tonight (Friday) and wasn't last night. Thinking about the match-up, I began to think what would've happened should the Bruins beat the Hurricanes and face Pittsburgh.

There is no doubt in my mind that they matched up much better against Pittsburgh then they did against Carolina. They can push Pittsburgh around, beat them up and also light up Marc-Andre Fleury. Let's be serious here, Fleury is no Cam Ward. Ward was excellent throughout the semi-finals, but suddenly fell apart during the Eastern Conference Finals, and that's complete bullshit.

I still hate you Cam Ward, you bastard

Why couldn't Ward have fallen apart during Game 7? It was bittersweet to see Cam Ward implode into a shell of himself during the Conference Finals because he WAS the reason that Boston started golfing earlier than they were supposed to. I know that the fact that five Bruins had to make appointments to get various surgeries the day after Game 7 was a reason they exited early, but Cam Ward was standing on his head.

To see Ward falter in the series against the Penguins pissed me off. The Bruins should've been there, they should have taken the Penguins 7 and I believe, that if fully healthy, they would've wiped the floor with Pittsburgh.

Instead, I've watched a player I absolutely despise in Sidney Crosby inch closer to a Stanley Cup and listen to the hoopla behind him.

I thought that this was the year where the Bruins would look at its hardcore fanbase that has followed it through thick and thin, through the Joe Thornton trade bullshit, through horrible goaltending in the form of Steve Shields, through the decline of Glenn Murray, through the collapse against Montreal in 2002 and finally bring home some hardware.

Alas, I sit at home on my birthday watching Ghostbusters II because I have nothing to look forward to on the ice until October. I hope that when July 1 comes around, we, as Bruins diehards, will have something to cheer about, to talk about and to disagree over.

Until then, my dear friends, I will continue my trek to the big 3-0 in hopes that the Bruins can bring me a cup before then!

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Blogger owa said...
If one goalie was able to stop the best team in the East, you had no business going past the second round.

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