Saturday, June 20, 2009
Happy fathers day to me!

Since my wife has to work tomorrow, I got all of my fathers day gifts a day early. They included Dr. Horrible's sing along blog, a gift box full of paper tools, my daughter Nicole made me at school, a chocolate NHL egg thing with a NHL team pendant inside (guess which team I'm hoping for) and a brand new Bruins hat that I have been wanting to get for a while now.

All these gifts were cool but the best part of the whole thing was when my daughter handed me the bag that contained my hat. She gave it to me and let me open it and look inside before saying "Go Bruins" in her trademark shy voice. Now I don't know if her mother told her to tell me that beforehand or if she did it herself (I always go around giving her high fives and say GO BRUINS!) but it was by far one of the coolest things fatherhood has brought me so far.

So to all the fathers out there who are Bruins fans, happy fathers day to you and here's to hoping you've brain washed your kids into loving the Bruins as much as I do.
Blogger Pezell said...
Happy Father's Day to all the black and gold dads like BCJM and I :)

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