Saturday, June 20, 2009
I have a beef with McFarlane toys.

Ok so right now you may be saying to yourself, wow two posts in one day from that BCJM guy. Well I've realized I have been neglecting my responsibility here at somethings Bruin. So with that said, a big WTF to McFarlane toys.

I have been a collector of McFarlane toys (well at least the Bruin and Detroit Tiger figures) since the release of Andrew Raycroft (I KNOW!!!!!!) and have every Bruins player they've released, save Ray Bourque (If someone out there has one they want to part with, hit me up.) So I go to check the website to see if the new series' have been released. First on the list NHL legends series 8 containing number 24 Terry O'Reilly. Sweet, release is in October so I'll be looking for this one at Walmart. I go back to the main page to look at NHL series 22 thinking, maybe they'll have a David Krejci or a Milan Lucic or a Tim Thomas for Gods sake. Nope. They have Martin Brodeur 3, Saku Koivu 2, Miikka Kiprusoff 2, Alex Ovechkin 2, Daniel Alfredsson 3, Darryl Sittler 2 (What he is doing in the regular NHL series is beyond me because last time I checked he retired when I was a little kid) and Mats Sundin 2.

So now my question is, is why are players like Saku Koivu and Daniel Alfredsson now on their second and third figures while the last "current" Bruins player they have had, has been Andrew Raycroft?? This years Bruins roster was full of players who should have been potentially considered. Hello? Kessel, Lucic, Krejci, Savard, Chara, Thomas. Why is it there are no first time players in this years series?
Well, let's see, working through that list you've got...

Team Canada, Montreal, Calgary, NHL MVP, Ottawa, Toronto, and Toronto/Vancouver

Blogger J said...
that's a good point. i doubt there are many people like you collecting these in america as there are in canada and thus isnt as worth it to market towards americans (they're having enough trouble just supporting franchises here)

Blogger Pezell said...
BCJM76 is Canadian :)

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