Tuesday, June 9, 2009
My Plea To The World Of Sports

The title says it all. This whole "waiting for the season to begin" thing is down right unbearable. No longer can I sit down with an ice cold beer and watch baseball as I slowly slip into a comatose state of boredom. No longer should I be subjected to watching tennis or golf on a regular basis.

Where are my sports? The NBA Finals is such a bore because the two teams playing do not interest me one bit. I don't care about Kobe Bryant's scowl, I don't care about Dwight Howard's inability to create his own shot, I don't care about any of that. Where's the passion? Where's the heart? Where's KG pounding on his chest or swatting shots away like King Kong swatting airplanes out of the sky? It's not there this year.

What happened to the Red Sox? Where's the excitement? Hell, where's the fucking pace!? Baseball has become the epitome of everything I've come to dislike. It's slow, it's boring and it's long, especially when the Yankees come to town.

This is the time where my fiancee gets to watch all of her shitty womanly shows on the HDTV because there are no sports to take up my time. Baseball? Basketball? Pass.

I miss my black and gold. I miss Milan Lucic bashing Mike Van Ryn so hard that the glass shatters.

I miss watching Tim Thomas make some ridiculous save he has no business making.

Hell, part of me misses seeing Manny Fernandez give up the worst goal I've ever witnessed!

I miss being angry at the TV because a player made a stupid play. If Julio Lugo makes an error at shortstop, it doesn't bother me as much as if Steve Montador makes a soft pass and it is intercepted at the Bruins blue line after a team has peppered Thomas with shots for the past ten minutes.

So I'll sit here, counting down the days until something watchable like the NFL comes along and I'll get so swept up in winning the Bada Bing league (again) that my mild depression disappears until October roles around.

Like a lonely army wife waiting for her G.I. to come home, I'll still be here waiting for the puck to drop and the hits to come!
Blogger owa said...
I feel your pain, and my team ended after only 82 games :(

At least it'll be fun, at least for me, to see Marian Hossa win a cup.

Blogger Pezell said...
I agree. I think it's more my anti-crosby than pro-hossa though haha.

Blogger owa said...
I'm on both trains. Hate Crosby and I like Hossa.

Fingers crossed that it's a blow out tonight, and Crosby makes himself look like an ass... I mean, we already know Malkin will.

Blogger Cole Jones said...
i had to gank your manny fernandez video for my blog. i figured stars fans would enjoy it, considering the history there :)

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