Friday, June 26, 2009
New Beginnings - The 1920s
The 1920’s is the official start of the uniform project as this is when the Boston Bruins came into the NHL. The Bruins broke into the NHL under owner Charles Francis Adams, a grocery store financier from Vermont. Adam’s allegedly paid the NHL $15,000 to ice the first American based team.

This is the inaugural uniform for the Boston Bruins. Although the Bruins nickname is now “black and gold” the team began with a brown and gold color because Adams wanted the team colors to match his Brookside Stores.

The uniform itself is actually a sweater with a felt logo stitched onto it. This would only last one year as Boston decided to “modernize” their sweaters to match those around the league.

This sweater was introduced in the beginning of the 1925-1926 season. Much different than its predecessor, this jersey has a white base and features brown and yellow alternating stripes. The logo is a little different too and the number is brown with a yellow outline, as opposed to a yellow number with no outline.

This jersey would only be worn for a year as the Bruins made another change in their uniform.

This uniform change would last through the end of the 1920’s and ultimately change in 1931 (however you’ll see the change wasn’t that great). This particular jersey is the more famous of the three used in the 1920’s because they were worn when Boston won the Stanley Cup in 1929.

The jersey itself is similar to the one before it, however the logo was given a complete make over and even provides a smiling Bruin (though you can’t see it with this smaller mock-up). The arm pattern still sports a brown and yellow alternate striping but there is no more white space like the in 1925-1926 uniform. The socks and pants have remained the same from the 25-26 uniform to the 26-31 uniform.

credits: for the 1926-1931 Bruins logo (I made the other 2 by hand) and credit to roger clemente of for the jersey template that was (and will) used.
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