Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Hunwick's Arbitration Date Set

Thanks to Joe Haggerty at WEEI for this:

"Defenseman Matt Hunwick and the Bruins have set their arbitration date for Friday, July 24 — less than two weeks away. But the two sides have had discussions on a multi-year deal that would keep the 24-year-old with Boston for up to three years.

According to sources with knowledge of the negotiations, discussions have recently dried up between the two sides, however, and arbitration appears to be a more likely resolution for the disparity in contract terms over the NHL’s leading rookie scorer at the defensemen position last season. With only $4.3 million remaining under the cap and Phil Kessel still unsigned (but still B’s property), it’s likely that the Bruins are looking for a little bit of savings with Hunwick, and seeking something in the $1-1.3 million range."

Apparently Hunwick wants $1.5-2M but in my eyes, he doesn't deserve it. Look, I know Hunwick is the young, puck moving defensemen that the Bruins need but at that cost it would severely hamper the chances to sign Phil Kessel.

So what is more important to you? A young guy who will be a 4th or 5th defenseman behind Chara, Wideman and Ward or a 30-50 goal scorer (dependent on health of course) who is soft but with the potential to be a superstar?

I guess it all comes down to your tastes. Personally, I'd tell Hunwick to shut his trap and take contract much like Bitz (2 years, 675K) with the premise of "show me and I'll pay you".


The NHL and the Boston Bruins announced the worst kept secret in the world today. The Bruins will be playing the Flyers at Fenway Park (pause to pick jaw up off of the ground). I'm pretty excited but I doubt I'll be going. After speaking with a couple season ticket holders, apparently the NHL is only allowing them a ticket for a ticket, instead of what I was hoping with something like purchasing a max of 4.

As much as I would love to be at Fenway Park for this, I am also fine with sitting at home or at a friends house, in front of an HDTV with a 12 pack of brew ready for me.

January 1, 2010 will definitely be something special though.

The Bruins October schedule, thanks to

Lastly, the NHL has released their 2009-2010 schedule and as usual the Bruins open up their!? Wait what?! Yeah, it seems that the Bruins will open the season against Alex the Golden Boy and the Capitals at home on October 1. This is the first time since 2005 that the Bruins didn't have to start on the road because of an overabundance of clowns and elephants (the circus).

These are just some of the latest things going on around the Hub that involves the Bruins. A busy, busy day for sure but anytime it has to do with the black and gold, we're all about it.

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