Thursday, July 9, 2009
An Ode To The Sheriff

I know I blogged about Loochisms and Tim Thomas and all this other stuff, but today I come to you, Bruins Nation, TBNers, my fantastic readers and those who may just stumble upon us, with a heart so heavy you'd think it was made of concrete.

As we all should know, one of our enforcers has gone to greener (only in terms of color, not skill) pastures. He takes with him the hearts of many Bruins fans, a swath of youtube videos and of course, one kick-ass nickname.

This man is none other than "Sheriff" Shane Hnidy.

A man of character, heart and soul, gritty and tough, our Sheriff has left us to head back "home".

I shall always remember you Sheriff for a variety of reason. For sticking up for your players, for dropping the gloves when needed and though your positioning may have been terrible, your skating abilities questionable, no one can question your heart and tenacity!

And of course...



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