Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Plugging The Network

Without going much into my past, since no one particularly cares, I have been involved with NHL gaming since NHL 2002. What do I mean by involved? I mean digging into the guts of the game and modifying the jerseys, arenas, ice, equipment, goalie equipment, facepacks, etc. Hell, I was a beta tester for NHL 2004 when a website I used to moderate for became an affiliate of EA Sports (then God took the website from us.) No seriously, the owner thought he saw God and God told him to shut down the website.

Anyways, since that shutdown, I've been a nomad, hopping from one mod site to another basically looking for a home. I came up the now-defunct Double Minor Hockey Network and settled in before corporate greed took over and DMHN was sold.

After DMHN was sold, the members there were dissatisfied with being apart of SportsGamer and Bhu Media, so we broke off and started our own community called or TBN.

It's not my intention to plug TBN but to plug its hosted sites, with Something's Bruin being one of them. TBN was gracious enough to give us our own forums, which can also be found on the left side column.

These blogs are part of the TBN Blogging Network and are worth a look at.

Cole has been a Stars fan since the inaugural year in Dallas, thanks to my big sis who remembered watching the Bruins when we lived in Boston, and the Rangers when we lived in New York. She got me into it very quickly and effectively.

A look at the San Jose Sharks from the viewpoint of three passionate, cup hungry fans who have gone through the constant disappointments of the decade. From analysis on the team's performance to analysis on the Tank's horrible pizza, we'll cover all things Teal.

Welcome to myLeafs is a fan blog devoted to the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs. Every member here is a die hard Maple Leafs fan and will give first-hand fan impressions on events that may take place involving the Maple Leafs. Hey, sometimes we'll even blog about non-Leafs stuff. Oh yeah, we're also members at The finest hockey and NHL addons site known to man.

The Mattress Line

For those of you who didn’t become Canucks fans until the last few years or fans visiting from other teams, “The Mattress Line” refers to a three or four month period in 2003 when the Sedins had Jason King as a winger. Two twins and a king. The line was on fire for a while, before King dried up and faded away into obscurity. Look forward to analysis of the Vancouver Canucks from a fan perspective, talking about things related to the team that I care about and feel are important.

So there you have it.

If you're a fan of the NHL series on PC, any of these blogs or hockey in general, head over to TBN. It's a great, strong community that will be around for a very long time.

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