Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Shawn Thornton Online Q&A

Shawn Thornton had a live chat earlier today, here at a few questions from the fans and his answers to them.

samanthabicica: Hey Shawn! Did you like the third jerseys this season?
Shawn Thornton: I really liked the third jerseys, I think we look mean in all black... and Z looks even bigger.

pichichi: Who would have a better chance at American Gladiators? You or Chara?
Shawn Thornton: It depends on the event.... he might get me in the joust with his long reach, but I would definitely have the advantage in Atlasphere!

Matt Bradbury: Hey Shawn, do you have a favorite player? You know, either growing up or right now?
Shawn Thornton: Growing up it was Wendel Clark, Cam Neely, and Bob Probert.

Ben: Is it true that you're the best Thornton to have played in Boston?
Shawn Thornton: Haha

Craig: Who is better at golf, you or Savard?
Shawn Thornton: Savard, by a big margin.

Pezell: Hey Shawn, how excited are you to tour the Southeastern New England Coast Guard Sector at the Woods Hole Air Force Base tomorrow? What do they have in store for you?
Shawn Thornton: Extremely excited. Never been in a helicopter before. I think the whole itinerary is on the website...I'll get a tour, meet a lot of the officers stationed there and hopefully jump out of a moving helicopter!

It was a great chat and you can catch the whole chat recap here. Thanks to Shawn Thornton and the Boston Bruins for doing this for the fans!

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