Monday, August 24, 2009
So My Wallet Just Ran Away Screaming...

Last Thursday I was diligently sitting at work, sifting through client intake files waiting for that digital clock to strike 10:00am so I may try to purchase some Boston Bruins tickets.

Now for those who are not in the know, a group of my friends and I have a tradition where we have been to the Bruins home opener since about 2002. Every chance we got, we made it to that wonderful home opener two weeks after the season started because it was officially the beginning of the Bruins season. It didn't matter if they went 0-for on the road trip because now they're home and they will rectify all the mistakes made on said trip.

This year, although the group would probably be smaller in size, was to be no different until after 2 hours of trying, I realized I wasn't getting tickets. Sadly, my friend Capps was the same way.

So we tried StubHub. We looked at Balcony, row 14...$90 a ticket. WHAT!? $90 bucks a ticket, for the Balcony!?

Well, "I'll give it a few days" I told myself and here we are, a few days later looking at ticketmaster for tickets. Oh wait, it found some!

AT $272 A TICKET!!

Many Bruins fans have complained of a substantial increase in ticket prices, something that DID happen even when the team blew.

Seriously though, $272 a ticket is preposterous to the point where I have to use the term preposterous!
Blogger hockey said...
Preposterous indeed!

Blogger BCJM76 said...
This is why I only attend OHL games. $20/ticket and you get to see the stars of tomorrow in an up close and personal setting.

What I'm really trying to say is, that I'm too poor to go to an NHL game. :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It is getting absolutely ridiculous! How is a youngster supposed to see the team they love?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I've been a Habs fan for 25 years, and I've yet to go to a game in Montreal, or even Ottawa or Toronto which are considerably closer due to ticket prices, lotteries and corporate seat grabs.

Its ridiculous.

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