Monday, August 31, 2009
What pre-camp brings
Well...I am doing some mobile blogging and I figured that with all this pre-camp Bruins talk there are a few things that I am looking towards.

#1 The progression of Tuuka Rask:

Rask will now be brought up to be the full-time back up to Tim Thomas and it's about friggin time. Last year he had 1 start and shut out a decent Rangers team.

The AHL isn't the NHL and knowing Thomas' injury history, Rask may seem more time than just back-up minutes.

His progression will be key in the Bruins making some noise this year because, as I said earlier, Thomas does have injury problems.

#2 Will the real Marco Sturm please stand-up?

Last year Sturm sat the season out with an injury problem. The season previous ti last year he scored 29 goals (I believe) and was a nice scoring threat. So which Sturm do we see?

If Kessel signs, than it may not matter, but if he doesn't Sturm will need to stay healthy and be who he was two seasons ago for the Bruins to make some noise.

#3 Blake "The Snake" or Blake "The Fake"?

I'll come right out and say it...I am not a fan of Blake Wheeler. I think most Bruins fans over-rated him and when he hit the "rookie wall" he damn near cracked his neck on the stop.

Wheeler doesn't impress me, sans his goal against the Blues. He is strong and he does have hands but I don't think he'll make the right progressions to be anything more than a servicable 3rd line winger.

#4 Where's Kessel?

Seriously...cut this shit out and sign already

#5 Will Timmy be Timmy?

Last year Tim Thomas was able to take the Bruins on his back and carry them to the playoffs as one of the best teams in the NHL. Thomas also took home the Vezina, which should state how those in the league viewed him.

With Thomas more than likely playing in the Olympics in February, will he be able to sustain a heavier workload than in previous years?

Remember, Thomas split time with Shields and was supposed to do it with Fernandez, but ManFran was to busy getting hurt.

Anyways, Thomas is no spring chicken and some added extra work in February COULD sideline him. I was really outspoken against him going to the USA camp but I'm also greedy.

Anyways, its about 11pm and I'm leaving job #2. Just a few things that sparked my interest and I'm sure are on the mids of Bruins Nation.

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