Thursday, September 17, 2009
Bruins Showcase Winter Classic Jerseys
Well, the Bruins have announced the jersey that was leaked a week or so ago. Here they are:

Thornton looks so happy to look like Big Bird's bastard cousin

Unfortunately folks, this isn't a joke. The Bruins have officially announced this abomination as their Winter Classic jersey. Yes, this yellow-shit color will be worn on January 1st, when teams showcase some fine-ass jerseys.

2009 Winter Classic - Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago and Detroit showing off their fine Winter Classic uniforms

Both of these jerseys are slick and show some history to the earlier days of each team.

2008 Winter Classic - Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Buffalo Sabres

Ryan Miller and Rutuu sporting fine Winter Classic threads

The 2008 and 2009 Winter Classic set of jerseys were spectacular and something most fans wanted to see from the respective teams playing.

What's going to happen this year? We already know from the picture above with Krecji that the Bruins will use a golden yellow with a spoked B drawn by Jeremy Jacobs' grandson.

There are plently of jerseys that could've been used in place of this hideous beast.

This jersey is my personal favorite:

This jersey, and actually the uniform set, goes back to the roots of the Boston Bruins as they were worn from 1926-1931. This is also the jersey worn when Boston won their first Stanley Cup.

This jersey from 1934-1936 would've been perfect as well.

I still don't get why they used this digusting yellow abortion of a jersey, but alas this is what we will all be seeing.

Happy New Year my ass!
Blogger Cole Jones said...
give me the bruins jerseys from the eddie shore era with full-sized front numbers, and B's on the sleeves.

Blogger tony said...
whatever happened to, "My honest opinion is that it's a pretty sharp looking jersey" :p

Blogger BCJM76 said...
I actually really like these. They're different, I'd much rather something like this than the B's current thirds.

Blogger Pezell said...
I changed my mind :p

OpenID CHlMlCHURRl said...
First of all this it is SHAWN THORNTON who is in the picture....Second...the logo is from the 25th Anniversary of the Bruins....and's the fucking Bruins....does it matter what they wear? as long as they win.......

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