Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Everyone Loves Lists
Did you wake up this morning and wonder what to do with the 8 days remaining before the Bruins kick-off the regular season? Well, I have formulated a top 10 list of things to do before the NHL season begins that will surely either:

A) Knock your socks off
B) Is the "Bee's Knees"
C) Both A and B

So ladies, gentlemen and trans-gender groups, this is:

Pezell's Top 10 Things To Do Before The NHL Season Starts

10. Play NHL10
Obviously if you miss hockey, the best thing to do is play the real thing. However, if you're like me and born with a football players body who can barely walk a straight line without swaying one way, you're better off playing NHL10.

If you played NHL 09 on the XBOX360 or the PS3, you won't notice many difference outside of the new board play and changes to the passing dynamics. If you haven't played NHL 09, this will blow your mind as one of the best hockey games out there.

09. Watch The History Of The Boston Bruins
I think I've watched this about 40 times or so this off season. It's a fantastic journey through the history of an Original Six franchise and should be viewed, at least once, by every Bruins fan (hardcore or casual).

08. Watch (and learn) Football
I'll be the first to admit that once June rolls around, I forget about baseball. Yes, in Red Sox Nation, I openly admit that I stop watching baseball once June rolls around, I stop watching "America's Past Time". I am, however, a HUGE football fan (both college and the NFL).

I know many ladies out there (wife included) that hate football, but I think it's time for you girls to step it up and learn the game of football, which will make it a lot more enjoyable. If you do this you will successfully occupy your Saturday (college), Sunday (NFL) and Monday (NFL) night with pigskin and thus forget that the Bruins are a mere 8 days away!

07. Go To Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine To Watch The Leaves Turn Colors
Seriously, take a trip into upper New England to see the leaves turn different colors. There is nothing more majestic than walking through the woods on a quiet New England Saturday/Sunday and listening to the wind whip between the multicolored leaves. Oh, and if you go to Vermont, bring me some maple syrup please.

06. Tweet!
Tweet on Twitter about your Cousin Tony the twit who takes his toys when he has a tantrum.

Or don't. Or Follow Us.


05. Go Camping
Grab your buddies and/or significant other, a large quantity of alcohol and food, a tent and a sleeping bag and head to the woods to go camping!

I've been camping ever since I was a baby-Pezell and I absolutely love it. There is no better way to waste a weekend than outdoors, hanging out, going fishing, go canoeing or just grilling and drinking some beers (if of legal age, of course).

04. Watch Some Good 'Ole TV
It's the fall season so there are many good shows that have once again started new episodes. Shows such as:

- The Office
- Fringe
- Sons Of Anarchy
- It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- Hell's Kitchen
- CSI (the original...not YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)
- House
- Community
- Heroes
- How I met Your Mother

This isn't even considering you people with HBO and Showtime.

03. Floss
Be honest America, you never do it.

02. Play Fantasy Football
Need an addiction that won't rot your teeth/brain/body and/or send you to jail? Fantasy football is that addiction. If you're a novice, join a free league and learn the ropes. If you've done it for a few years, start your own league with some friends or online forum.

Not only will fantasy football engross you with my #8 suggestion, but you'll eat up chunks of time playing the waiver wire, looking for "sleeper" picks and WASTING YOUR #2 PICK ON TOM FUCKING BRADY...

sorry for that.

01. Suck It Up Cupcake
Seriously, suck it up, it's only 8 days!

Again, your list may be different and probably will be different. Hope you enjoyed it.

8 more days, GO BRUINS!

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