Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Bruins Boost PK with Special Weapon

It isn't a secret to see that the Boston Bruins are having a dismal start of the season. The biggest issue is their specialty teams, both the power play (0 for 16 their last 3 games) and their penalty kill (8 for 25 on the PK). Today the Boston Bruins announced their plans to release their "special" penalty kill.

"We're really excited about running the C.A.T.O program." GM Peter Chiarelli said in an e-mail he sent out to the press.

After doing some sleuthing, it seems that the C.A.T.O program will be unveiled in Dallas.

After the 2008-2009 season, The Bruins and an unnamed Massachusetts bio chem company developed a type of serum that will allow their players to function at a higher level.

C.A.T.O, which stands for "Chara Ate The Opposition" was highly effective in previous tests, though there were some failures (see: Hal Gill)

It is not sure how this program will work out. We sat with Zdeno Chara to question him about the program.

"Chara get mad. CHARA SMASH!" was the only thing he said before smashing our table into pieces.

How will this make the penalty kill? Probably pretty good.
Blogger Sheriff25 said...
The B's "special teams" are truly special right now. They're already wearing the helmets...I'm guessing the short bus is in the parking lot?

Blogger Pezell said...
HAHA pretty much!

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