Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Lucic Signs Extension

It appears that Milan Lucic has signed a 3 year extension that will keep him with the Boston Bruins, or so the Bruins twitter account tells us. Check that, I just got a text from the Bruins saying the same thing.

Did you just hear that? Boston just let out a collective cheerful glee.

Lucic being kept in the fold for three years (2012-2013 season) means a few things:

1) The future captain gets to stick around for awhile.
2) One less headache when the season is over and all those contracts are up.

Ok, maybe it is just a couple.

In all honesty here, having Lucic around for three years is huge for this club. He is as close to the heart and soul of a team as anyone can be. Lucic provides a spark that no one else on the team can and is clearly a fan favorite because of this.

He brings a certain energy and fearlessness that hasn't been on the team since Neely left us. Seeing a deal like this shows us, the fans, that the Bruins management is smart and knows that not only can they win this year but in the future as well.

I can leave work with a smile on my face tonight!
Blogger BCJM76 said...
Simply awesome news! After a rough day at work and then coming home to find out the Tigers/Twins game is blacked out, this is leaving me with a smile on my face. :)

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