Monday, October 5, 2009
Our Great Debate
Every month or so, Something's Bruin will be doing a debate section where two of our writers will debate a certain topic regarding the Boston Bruins. We will also have a poll corresponding to topic in question so you can have your say in the matter as well.


YES. First off I truly believe that Looch is going to be captain of this team one day. He's a natural leader and he shows that in his willingness to do what it takes to spark his team. Whether it be taking on a guy bigger than him in a bout of fisticuffs or putting a guy through the glass with one of his punishing checks (Hey Mike Van Ryn, Milan says hi!), this guy bleeds leadership.

Looch captained the Vancouver Giants to the Memorial Cup when he played junior in the WHL. He was one of the biggest pieces of the Canadian world junior team when they dominated the tournament on their way to gold and, while he didn't have a letter on his chest for that tournament, I don't think you could find one person cheering on the red and white who would say he wasn't one of the leaders of that squad.

You can argue that giving a player as young as Looch a leadership role when he is so young can stunt a players growth but, if you look at Lucic's progression over the past two seasons, I don't think this would be the case. Lucic is already a fan favorite and he's dealt with that transition, from being a guy no one really knew too much about, to seeing his name on the back of every other jersey in the Garden, in stride.

The Looch era is coming sooner rather than later. I think giving Lucic an "A" now will only help him make the transition to captain of an NHL team. Whether Looch is wearing a letter on his chest or not, I don't think there there are any Bruins fans out there who will deny Looch is one guy they look upon to lead this team.


NO. Lucic should not be wearing an “A” on his chest this season. I know that everyone feels that Milan Lucic is “the guy” when it comes to the future of the Bruins and I agree with that statement. In due time, he will be wearing the "C" on his chest should Zdeno Chara go for greener pastures, but that time isn’t now.

Lucic is still a young player and infusing an “A” on his sweater adds to much pressure, something I don’t think he is ready to handle. Milan has tons of promise. He is a tough, gritty power forward that can score when put in the right situation. He mans a front line of Marc Savard and Marco Sturm and does it very well, but he still has some things that he needs to work on. Lucic’s skating is probably his biggest flaw as he doesn’t skate very well.

Another reason I feel he doesn’t deserve to wear the “A” this season is because of the players around him. This team is loaded with veterans that deserve to wear the “A”, players like Savard, Wideman and yes, even Patrice Bergeron, because they all bring something different to the table. Each player does something better that someone else on the team doesn’t. Savard is a great playmaker, Bergeron may be the best 2-way forward on the team and Wideman is probably their best defender after Chara.

Again, I can see the “A” coming in the future for Lucic. I just don’t think that he is ready based on the team around him. When Joe Thornton was drafted, he was given the “C” right away and how did that turn out? Adding undeserved pressure onto a 21 year old kid could very well crumble him.


So what do you think? Do you think Lucic should be wearing an "A" on his sweater this season or should he wait until he is a little older and his skills have matured? Please answer our poll and/or leave comments!
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I would like to add, the captain of that Canada WJHC team that dominated the tournament the year Looch donned the red and white was Brad Marchand. While I don't think Marchand is going to be a dominating player in the NHL, I do think he's going to be one of the guys the team will look to in the future to provide leadership.

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