Saturday, October 3, 2009
Revenge? Redemption? Red Glare?

I want to apologize to everyone for falling off the face of the Earth on Monday. I didn't blog, I didn't tweet and I pretty much didn't do anything regarding my blog, which includes my planned "Know Your Bruin" pieces and great debate which will still be posted in the coming days. My step-mother passed away on Monday 9/28 @ 2:00am. After 3.5 years of battling various types of cancer, she is know at peace and I feel I owe it to my readers to explain my absence.

Now lets get down to hockey. I was in the car this morning, listening to the local FM sports show and a guy called saying "tonight is the night where the Bruins will get revenge on Scott Walker and drive him into the ice."


If anyone thinks that the first thing on the Bruins mind is revenge, well than clearly you didn't watch any of the opener on Thursday. Savy, Chara and the boys don't care about what happened between Aaron Ward and Scott Walker last year.

1. Ward isn't on the team anymore.
2. It wasn't as much as a cheap shot as everyone thought it was.

Now, I know I'll catch flak for that last comment but lets be serious. You're looking at a guy who wants to throw fisticuffs, it's time to put those dukes up before you catch one in the kisser.

If Boston is focused revenge against the Hurricanes for the Scott Walker punch and NOT the Game 7 loss to the Hurricanes than they can just pack in the season because they're focused on the wrong things.

Against Washington the Bruins may have played a total of 10 minutes of hockey. The team went 0/5 on the power play and had 1 shot on goal. They played very poor defensively, missed assignments and even looked absolutely dreadful on the penalty kill (Washington went 2/4 on the PP from my count).

For anyone thinking it is time for revenge, you need to remove your head from your ass because the Bruins have a lot...A LOT more to work on than just trying to bury Scott Walker for a punch he landed on an ex-teammate.

"This is not the same team you're going to see on the ice night after night. That I can guarantee," Julien said. "As a home opener, it's certainly not what you want to demonstrate. We have a chance to redeem ourselves soon. Hopefully the guys take advantage of that."

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